Allowed To Be Victims (Are We Not Oppressed)

According to him, “everyone’s entitled to their own opinion”, for that was how he had to phrase/frame the situation; it is how they must. They must frame in it such a way to make it seem as if I am “unreasonable”; that I am denying people something they are entitled to; that I am looking for some special exemptions; that I am asking in excess. I could no longer speak to him. I cannot concern myself with why he did not get it; I simply had to leave him there. If I explain it him, seen as he didn’t understand it to begin with – as was demonstrated by his failure to observe the boundary – making it explicit will likely lea to refinement i.e. have the “correction” subsumed by rhetoric which feigns comprehension. People seem to only get better at disguising their true selves, and likewise, in the past, any time I have tried to explain my perspective, he has taken it on board only to throw it over. Again, the point is, sometimes its better to speak to sheep for five minutes than it is to speak to people, for at least after five minutes, you realise that the sheep do not get it.

If only it were more important to him; he might then demonstrate its significance. It mattered more, he would have paused and realised that I was holding a string, and that eventually, if he persisted in his lunacy, I would let go of this thread, and leave him floating rather than pulling him into the bay. Of course, those who do this are accused of “cutting people off”, or “isolating themselves”, of “self-sabotage”, which is all fine rhetoric which attempts to subvert the senses. Again, the supremacist mindset operates off of a total agenda of domination and will recruit whatever language has enough appeal for those targeted people to identify with. Sadly, the moment you buy into the spiel, the oppressors have you, and can resume colonising your being, whilst claiming they are relating to you all along. If you point of their behaviour, they deny it – defending themselves – lie about it, or attack you (which is still them defending themselves.) You can spend a lifetime trying to “explain” it to these people who just don’t seem to get it but that will be in vain because they cannot go to a new place if they do not leave the old one.

Being of the supremacist persuasion, their commitment is to domination, and so, anyone who does not belong to their cabal has to be reformed, even if their missionary zeal seems to be empathic. It is fraudulence, fakery and fabrication that the colonisers use to herd the others. In this case, he would have went on “learning” to “understand”, which really was code for trying to eradicate my options, and possibilities by “defeating” the alternative logic I might have otherwise presented. The idea is that once they can “relate” to all of your explanations, in leaving you with no more “conflicts” you can be “comfortably merged” with their worldview and dominant opinion, but if you see this in perspective, it simply means no more you. Stop, pull out, before you get swallowed, because this dead entity will continue to consume until there is nothing left to give in their world. We are not all the same; there are many people who threw in the towel long ago. Either way, I thought I was the vulnerable one; I thought I was the victim, so why should I be fighting with him; arguing with him; battling against him. I thought he was there to support; I was sure he was there to help me. It was not the case. He could only operate to make me become more like him; it was just the way he was. Farewell…old friend… we can no longer be together… so look for me in the whirlwind… I have nothing left to give


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