G Wiz, I was looking about for an article on the recent debacle which exposed the NHS being responsible for multiple murders. In this post, there is more mention of NHS failings but in particular, the mistreatment that vulnerable and distressed people are subject to, and yes, some of them, I imagine, are white.

If white people are catching hell from the NHS, you know that in this instance, stupidity is complimenting malince. Since you black folk are already seen as “mentally impaired” then having a (second) diagnosis will only compund the disaster.

The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive

I’ve been having physical health problems for a long time, namely, weakness in my limbs (my left arm in particular), burning feelings in my hands, numbness, blurry vision which means I zone out while trying to focus my eyes, tremor (beyond normal essential tremor) and being a Clumsy Fucker Who Falls Over A Lot.  I should probably see a doctor about this, but I won’t.

The same way I didn’t see a doctor when I was passing blood clots through my arse (oh yes). And when I had an anal fissure so severe I couldn’t sit down without pain.  I can tell the world these things, but I can’t tell a doctor.

When I mentioned rapid weight gain to doctors, I got two responses:

1) You are eating too much.  Stop eating too much.  You must be binge eating (I wasn’t).

2) It’s your medication.  Tough shit. (But when *I*…

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