Lincoln Rockwell

Since September 2011, I have live in a house owned by Brent Mind, West London, however a number of failings meant that there was a major deterioration, and eventual breakdown, in the comity.

They will claim it was mis communication; they will claim that I also made mistakes, but this is bureaucratic rhetoric. They failed. They betrayed the code. They disappointed. They made errors because they didn’t expect to be held to account, and realised that, as they were “in charge”, they didn’t need to be concerned with BEING correct and doing right. Indeed, the longest question, and the test of time, is how to get those in power, to do the right thing.

Naturally, they attempted to shift the blame on to my hands, and of cours,e they tried to use their paperwork to legitimise their lies, but, it was only falsehood, all the while, leaving me on the outside as these fradulent documents were fabricated. Irrespective, it provided the “keyworker” – their representative – to continue in her nonchalent manner, very much aware that the “team” would “have their back”.

Eventually, after the breakdowns culminated and climxed – at this stage, having yet to read “disciplined minds” and “yurugu” – I wrote letters to the management, expecting correctiona; intervention and proper treatment. Instead, it was cover-story smear campaigning, misdirection and filibustering. It was deceptive tactics aimed at trying to tarnish the image I had, by implying and suggesting that I was at fault, and the reason for things falling apart.

In the tradition of Kenneth O’Reily, Racial Matters, I want to use this space to expose the ways in which these “corporate” strcutures utilise their resources and mechanisms, in their efforts to sabotage, damage and injure the being of the other – the client, the vulnerable, the outsider. These papers are an attempt to realise the actual state of affairs surrounding these institutions and the way in which they operate so that you can correctly operate to hold them in check. These papers are for the purposes of preparation.


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