Audio Anarchy

Please enjoy this list of names we have taken on board during our many wandering travels, and exploring adventures:

Susan Rosenthal
John Gatto
Chris Hedges
Thomas Szasz
John Breggin
Jack Saturday

Radio Broadcasts have included:

Too Long In This Place
Another World Is Possible (, http://feed://
Empire, Power and People
Unwelcome Guests (
Madness Radio
Audio Anarchy

At first, we punched their names into search engines

however, when the internet clamped down on the ability to download from these sites, soon, we went over to

finally, key articles we read include
Jan Matthews, Towards The Destruction of Schooling
Jan Hunt, A Rose By Another Name
John Gatto, Why Fix A System Designed to Fail

General Literature
Reinventing Anarchy Again, various
For Giving, Genevieve Vaughan
The Ascent of Humanity, Charles Einsentein
White On Black, Jan Pieterse
Aint I A Woman, Bel Hooks

other websits

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