Events: Diary

Kingsbury Confidence Building @ 2pm

At the confidence building group, we were informed of a France day trip taking place in July. There were also a few discussions about current and past events, which mainly explored political developments. There was quite a bit of talk about God, Islam and British secrecy abroad, as well as other general topics reported on, or covered in the news.

Danda London Social Group @ 7:30pm

Today we went to our first DANDA meeting. After being offline for a little time, it so happened that June 2013, they went back online, having become Danda London. Although we were actually enquiring about their end of month meeting, having texted, we received a reply informing us of their “young danda” group which was meeting today, in chancery Lane, at the Knights Templar Pub, from 7:30 onwards. (The pub closes at 11pm) Funny thing is, we put in WC2X 1TD, and ended up walking through a roadside “soup kitchen” that we learned, commenced every day at 7pm to serve food to the homeless – it seems to have been organised by the Hare Krishna people who served hot indian cuisine. We then made our way to the pub.
At first, we were slightly nervous and retreated into a corner, however, when a rather outgoing lady arrived, and decided, or better yet, proceeded to introduce herself, and others, the tables soon joined, or better yet, we moved to another table and interacted with the others.
Although I spent most of our time strategically planning what our monthly meeting timetable/schedule would be, we did manage to engage in some constructive conversations with the members. Particularly useful was a discussion about career planning; we explored the options for autistic people who struggle to deal with full-time employment and the general office culture. There was mention of financial planning and advice; as well as stock market investment, shares, and speculation. We even met a it software designer and developer as well as a lady who was married to the head of a finance department.
This lady shared that there was also a south london group for autistic people, which met on the last wednesday of each month, called “Bridging the Gap” and provided us with useful info relating to getting involved in the finance business.
The next meeting should be on the 26th, at the same place, at the same time.


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