Activities: Carboot

on Sunday, last week, we managed to reach the Wimbledon Dog Track, carboot sale. At the boot sale, having arrived rather late, we were mightily pleased when we picked up some bits and pieces at the last minute. The highlight was of course the clearance area, where, some sellers decided to drop all their goods to 20p – yes, irrespective of the item. Funnily enough, one referred to a china lady as a “chink”, when he thought no one else was around, which swiftly prompted me to dig into his vinyl collection, and by chance, I found a few minstrel cd’s to add to the negrophillia collection. Much to our surprise, however, althouhg we had already picked out about 12 vinyls, the lady then said that if we took the whole set – yes, just over 3 boxes/crates of records, we could take them for £5/ Although we werent exactly sure how we would carry them back home, we felt obliged. At first, our 3 sportsbags looked like they would work, but failing that, we ewre fortunate to purchase a suitcase off the sllers, and stacked two cases inside it, before dragging the suitcase, and a full sports bag, onto the 493 bus.

On the way back, we managed to go past soutfields and a hospitel, where we learnt they also held a carboot sale every second sunday. We saw an obscure row of charity shops next to putney heat, and also read of the village fair to be held June 22nd, which we plan to attend. Although the day was, on the whole, impressive, our only slight regret was to do with bundle buys, for, like the vinyls, the lady also offered up all the cd’s they had for £5, however, we declinded, or at least, were rather reluctant, sensing we wcould not sell them on, and believing we would not be able to carry the load. We are, however, looking forward to three church fair’s this weekend, in addition to the Lewisham book sale, followed by a sunday of bootsale hunting. We also managed to speak to a couple sellers at the bootsale and learnt of the qualities of salesmanship, gleaning that skilled sellers could make 500-1000 pounds a sale. Also, we were informed that the Saturday, Tottenham sale, was the place to be.

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