Yesterday, we attended the voice hearer group in westminster (before heading off to a youth forum). Not much to say about this activity, in as much as it didnt deny expectations. I am quite used to these groups so there is less of a sense of novelty, and really, it seems to be becoming routine. It seems that I am truly trying to escape settling down to focus on my own serious issues, and ongoing crisis, which will soon have to be exhausted once this frenzied rush is over.

At this group, there was a voice hearer facilitator as well as another staff member who was “normal”. One lady was free to flow as she, a frist time attendee, went through her journey in life, chronicling how she went from beign a stable motehr, ith a husband, to losing custody (or something like that), losing her home, and becoming homeless. When she was finally housed in a flat, she lost it after she was hospitalised, following a bout with voices. Sadly, it was upsetting as the “T” word was used…”trauma”, as the “facilitator” seemed to impose this notion on her, and later myself, that stress and trauma causes voices… HOWWEVER,

the Tuesday group was less pressured, as we were not so much dictated to. Although this group also had a detached staff member, and a voice hearing facilitator, there was also a psychologist. At this group, based in south london, and close to elephant and castle, we were free to speak. There was clearly no format, and we were able to enjoy small snacks as we shared our experiences. Although much was said, of particular interest was talk about the end of the world, adn what we would do if confronted by this potentially terrifying scenario.

I dont know. In the terminator movies, judgement day was supposed to be August 4th, 1997…but we are still here

Events: Voice Hearers


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