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BootSale Updates

It seems that the mainstream list is outdated, and so, for hardcore booters, we are attempting to visit each bootsale, and report back to you, to feedback, updated, accurate information:

Fischer Football Club (Rotherhithe) has closed and moved.
Firstly, the postcode was incorrect. It is not SE22 5HL but SE22 5LH
8.00am – THE CLUB, Hornshay Street, London SE15 1HB
(Off of Old Kent Road, just up from Millwall FC)

Harris Academy has replaced Aylwin School which itself, is under construction
1.30pm – DULWICH HAMLET FC, Champion Hill Stadium, Edgar Kail Way
Dog Kennel Hill SE22 8BD
Recorded Information Line: 020 8309 5696
Direct Contact Line: 07929 847405



Mind Matters

After the longest time, we have finally decided to devote our time to expanding this web log; we aim to actually use our legal battle and housing crisis as the basis for a piece of phD research into institutional terrorism – or more politely, bias – and to explore the methods and strategies recruited by these institutions in their attempts to obliterate the identity of those who challenge and operate contrary to their expectations.
Just yesterday, in the most ridiculous manner, our “key worker” turned up expecting us to sign some paperwork, and yet, taking time to read through it, we noticed many dubious aspects of this document. It was, essentially fraudulent, and another self-protection mechanism recruited by “the team”
it was quite obvious that other people at the organisation had been involved in writing and constructing this document before handing it to this individual to present to myself.
Obviously, general readers will not be that familiar with the nature of this suspicions and accusations because they will not have realised the depth of this situation – the reality is, last month, we finally initiated a complex, multi-faceted disability discrimination case against the organisation, having lodged, in vane, much earlier, a legal complaint against the housing disaster
this latest charge, however, is comprehensive, and the result of intensive study and elaborate investigation.
This report put them on the backfoot, and like the previous grievance, compelled them to recruit the services of a legal firm, and yet, more importantly, in their dealings with myself, they are particularly conscientious of taking every opportunity to go on the offensive, in an effort to defend themselves.

in our study, we aim to investigate this total experience, from our release from greater incarceration in 2011, to our interview and eventual housing placement in their service; from their initial promises to the many conflicts and eventual breakdown in the deteriorating process of exchange.
last week thursday, the local crack-distributor moved out, meaning that his usual clientèle were left with no suppliers; these people who had created an incredible nuisance and ongoing disruption were finally left with no person to fix them, and so naturally, their intrusions decreased. There was no mystery here; these unwelcome guests reduced their visiting because the problem person was removed and yet, rather than acknowledge their knowledge of his criminality, and their complicit tolerance of his illegal dealings, they pretended they had worked hard to achieve something
sadly, in their efforts to save face and mount a legal argument for a later date, as duplicitous peoples do, they missed the many holes in their arguments, for instance, after the individual left, their door was kicked in, and yet, months before that – or better yet, since the new year – we had asked them to provide additional security for our door,
up until today, August, which is 8 months, they have yet to even act upon this and yet, yesterday, this individual acknowledged this ridiculous situation, in addition to attempting to note nonsense which his superiors had asked him to mention
another example of the ridiculousness lies in the fact that their latest argument has been to do with disability allowance
they have claimed that they assisted us with getting DLA, in order to pay our rent?
in reality, the ceased to be involved with the process after lodging a second complaint
further still, since they also complain that we ceased engaging with them, how did they find the time to handle this DLA
since they were not involved in attending the tribunal, how did they come to say this
also, since they applied for DLA long before the rent arrears issue spiralled out of control, why would they – or how could they – go on to say they were assisting us with that with the aim of maximising our income so that we would have finances to pay the rent
unless they have forgotten, the fact is, we lost our desire to pay the rent when we realised they were a criminal class intent on exploiting us once we started to operate in a manner which was contrary to their wants

“we are always the vicitms of legal and medical malpractice.”

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