Information Admission

G wiz, currently, in a psychiatric ward. Not much else to say other than the admission that the internet no longer holds much appeal. We thought that if we made this blog, offering an insider perspective, and internal information on institutions, that we might provide useful, updated data, and yet, we are not sure if we are that bothered at this very moment and yet, with this latest admission, we have more to chat about. Firstly, although this post was published some time ago, we are actually writing this on the 23 of October.

To be honest, upon moving ward, we felt somewhat like Brooks when he held a knife to Heywood’s throat for we were finally settled; we were taken care of, and like the characters of the “Village”, we’d taken our “fast car” and “found love in a whole new place”, able to engage in the “unwinding of eternal rage”. We felt we would have to improvise rage in an effort to ensure we stay on the ward as with people like myself, “intelligent” of at least, those with the aptitude for seeing through deception and discerning falsehood, professionals often feel threatened by us. We are fault-finders, and question answers in addition to being agenda setters, hence it was the case that for at least two years, essentially, we were barred from the institutions of community service, and essentially forbidden from being given a conclusive or substantative diagnosis; something that might open the locked doors to which the wellbeing practitioners and psychiatric gatekeepers, held the keys.

“These prison walls are funny. First you hate ’em, then you get used to ’em. Enough time passes, gets so you depend on them. That’s institutionalized. They send you here for life, that’s exactly what they take. The part that counts anyways.”

Having been here for a while, we continue to wonder why many of the patients are in here. Four oursleves, we are reclusive mmisantrophe’s and cantankerous curmudgeons. We are critical cynics who are fed up woth the outside and its oppression (victimisation) whereby those “unlike the british” are pathologised, and yet, even inside, you must deal with the repression where one must be “made to suck dick.” You will not find the deceased David Noble (Breaking The Rules) who reportedly gave students an A at the start of semester, and suggested that in order to pass classes, they “kiss ass.” Here you will find those who want their “bums licked.” We cannot homogesnise the cast as there is great variance, as is to be much expected, although, we will say that we necessarily remain suspicious of staff who, we imagine, operate in accordance with a set of rules and procedures that we as the patients are not privy to. Maybe, unlike myself, the information needed is th reason for admissions, whether informal or secitions. Yes, some were breaking the police, or perhaps picked up and identified because they were in a foreign place, wandering , and once found and checked, it was discovered they had a history of “contact” and yet, beyond, beyond these talkative types, and loud mouthing peoples, if we were psychiatrists, we would haev to do lots more enquiring before suggesting these people were to be “diagnosed” as “unfit”.

“for patients incpaable of understanding the nature purpose and likely effects of their medication proposed…”

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