Voluntary Violence

Been in Park Royal since October 2013 following a ridiculous suicide attempt, which might better be described as a staged overdose.
Begun on shore ward but on saturday, we graduated to Pine Ward.

Last time we were here was April 01, 2011, which was quite a while ago, and then, in August, 2012, we were assigned to the Home Treatment team, before being discharged to the Early Intervention Team, which we might otherwise dub the cost-prevention, life-preservation death-reduction team where we were handed to a care co-ordinator and a consultant psychiatrist.
Last time we were here, we were terrified, and desperate to urgently feign recovery however, this time, fed up with everything, low and defeated, our being lethally denigrated, we surrendered, and resigned ourselves to circumstance.
Surprisingly, we bumped into a number of local characters who were a little less free to divulge their whereabouts when they’re not around.

More importantly, we learnt of the tragic, ongoing violence of disconnect that pollutes te wards. It seems, in many ways, that the patients are those best suited to aid those distressed, which, incidentally brings us to the issue of distress.
In here, there are no people who are: mad, strange, weird, odd, not-normal, deranged, deluded, freaks, sick, ill, unwell etc. There are only those with varying degrees of distress. There is no model of illness; just varying degrees of distress, which reslts in confusion. There are people who benefit from engagement, communication, involvement and ultimately, participation, however, it all revolves around “connect”. Our capacity to “relate” to others. That is the need.

Whilst here, much out of character, we delved into the computer recycle bin and retrieved some canibus and chino xl. Engaging this character, we learnt that he had a curious taste, a shared affinity. Jedi Mind Tricks, R.A. Rugged Man etc. He even had Jeymes Samuels. Lad exposed us to the tracks: Vinnie Paz and Rugged Man – Nosebleed * Canibus Harbinger of Death

Whilst here, we’ve been attempting to learn Portuguese and the like. Twi will have to wait for another day, as learning this verb conjugation, and the context of words, along with sentence structure and word order, is a difficult task. In the meantime, the website usingenglish.com – the glossary section – is fantastic.

We are learning to differentiate between

anyway, off close obv/1-on-1, and finally, we were able to go to the activity ward. Not sure how long we will be here, but like Devlin, Mya, and Tracy Chapman before them, we are glad to run and get away…

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