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In Tribute to El Soldado de Colorado

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Labor Day weekend 1972, La Raza Unida Party (LRUP) was holding its inaugural national convention in El Paso, Texas. The purpose of the convention was to discuss the priories and strategies for the Chican@/Mexican@ community in relation to the upcoming national elections. Following the opening address there was a moment of silence for “el soldado de Colorado” Ricardo Falcon.

Ricardo Falcon was an engaging Chicano student activist and organizer in the late 1960s and 70s. His activism included student organizing with the United Mexican American Student organization (UMAS), recruiting ex-prisoners for college programs, as well as advocacy for the agricultural Mexican community of Northern Colorado. On August 30, 1972, on his way to the LRUP convention, Falcon stopped at a gas station in Orogrande, New Mexico. There, Ricardo Falcon was murdered by a white right-wing vigilante member of the American Independent Party, Perry Brunson, over a “dispute” about water used…

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European Slaves in The Islamic Empire.


There are key differences between the Atlantic Slave Trade and the Eastern Slave Trade (aka Arab/ Islamic Slave Trade). While the Atlantic Slave Trade focused on transporting Black Africans to the New World to provide domestic and industrial labour, the Eastern Slave Trade was not race based. Prophet Muhammad himself, during the course of inaugurating a tripartite paradigm of Islamic slavery via his military campaigns and raids against the citizens of Arabia, enslaved some of the Semitic peoples of the region. The prerequisite for being enslaved in Islam for domestic or industrial labour; sex slavery and concubinage; or chattel, is not based on race but on being a non-Muslim war captive. As the Islamic Empire expanded out of Arabia via North Africa and into Europe, war captives of all shades – brown, yellow, black and white – were relegated to slave status.

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Liverpool ’81: the voice of the unheard

That's How The Light Gets In

1981:  burning milk float barricade on Upper Parliament Street

2011: the same scene today

Riots are the voices of the unheard
– Martin Luther King Jr

Sunday 5 July, 1981.  We live in a top floor flat on Canning Street in Liverpool 8.  Around seven in the evening we need some milk, so I pop over to the little backstreet store just behind Falkner Square.  Something seems to be going on; there are crowds of people milling around and a lot of noise – shouting and distant crashing sounds.  Sudden flurries of people run past, running away from the direction of Upper Parliament Street.  I say, ‘what’s happening?’  ‘There’s a riot.  The bizzies are getting hammered’.

Disturbances had kicked off two days earlier, on the evening of Friday July 3rd when the police had attempted to arrest a young, black motorcyclist at the junction of Granby and Selbourne Street.  An…

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A brief, incomplete but hopefully somewhat illustrative contextual timeline of spycop infiltrations around London Greenpeace and beyond throughout the 1980s and 1990s

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Put together purely from information in the public domain. Broadly chronological. A ‘rough cut’.

  • The Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) infiltration/provocation programme began in 1968
  • London Greenpeace – an avowedly anarchist environmentalist group – is set up in 1971 in opposition to French nuclear testing
  • Dave Morris began regularly attending London Greenpeace meetings in 1979
  • In the early/mid 1980s, animal rights and environmental activist groups were a high priority target for Special Branch, the SDS and other similar police units
  • In 1983 local activists, including Dave Morris, set up the North London anarchist group Haringey Community Action (Steel later joins)
  • Special Branch officer Bob Lambert AKA ‘Bob Robinson’ was infiltrated into the London activist scene in 1983 – and almost immediately entered into his first on-deployment long-term sexual relationship, with an activist woman ‘Charlotte’ (she was 22 and he 10 years her senior, and secretly married to another woman)
  • Lambert infiltrated…

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Hackney Community Defence Association

The Radical History of Hackney

I’ve added a page to the site introducing Hackney Community Defence Association (HCDA):

“HCDA is a self help group for the victims of police crime. It investigates allegations against the police, provides mutual support for victims and campaigns against police injustice.

The organisation was active from the late eighties to the mid nineties. The page includes details of all their publications that I’m aware of. (If you know of any more, leave a comment…)

I’ve also scanned in the HCDA booklet “Fighting The Lawmen” which deals with their extensive and inspiring investigation into crimes committed by cops based in Stoke Newington police station.

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News of the World. Forget the hacks. It’s The Bill you always have to pay.

On 4th December 1997, former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Condon gave evidence to the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee and said there were around 100-250 corrupt officers in the Met. By “corrupt” he meant seriously corrupt – they dealt drugs, helped arrange armed robberies etc. Condon is also the man who coined the phrase “noble cause corruption” – the idea that some police justifiably ‘bend the rules’ to get a conviction when officers ‘know’ the accused is guilty but do not have enough proof to convict. So it could be seen by some as “noble” to plant evidence, lie under oath and generally ‘fit up’ any ‘known villains’ when there is no actual evidence which would prove their guilt.

SO IT GOES - John Fleming's blog

I have worked as a researcher and sub-editor for BBC TV News (via their old Ceefax teletext service) and, briefly, in the newsrooms at Anglia TV, Granada TV and ITN. I have known a lot of journalists. But even I was shocked by the News of the World and other tabloids’ amorality.

I don’t mean the telephone hacking scandal which has now seen Rupert Murdoch close down Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper.

I mean the cheap Killer Bitch movie and Katie Price’s ex-husband Alex Reid being caught on camera with his trousers down.

Police corruption comes later in this blog.

In what must have been a moment of madness I financed Killer Bitch without reading the script (look, it was cheap) and I was away at the Edinburgh Fringe for weeks when shooting started.

While I was away, a sex scene was shot between Alex Reid and the lead actress, the…

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The Legacy Of Imperialism

Imagine suddenly developing an illness in which you are
bombarded with voices from forces you cannot see, and
stripped of your ability to understand what is real and what
is not. You discover that you cannot trust your senses,
your mind plays tricks on you, and your family or friends
seem part of a conspiracy to harm you.

His last chance then is to cut himself from the system which taught him to disregard his own feelings

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All Of 50 Posts

This Place Is A Mess

Much Like The Mind Of A Schizophrenic

That Said, We Intend To “Arrange” It By Adding A Contents Page

Coming Soon…