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A Cautionary Tale: When Mandingo Parties Go Wrong

oh dear

Black Girl Wondering and Praying...

I was watching Investigation Discovery and I came across this very interesting, somewhat pathetic and truly tragic story. It was a story of a Mandingo Party gone wrong. You all know about my theories about mandingo parties, swinger parties. If you havent’ read my other posts on this subject, please do so I’ve always thought that going to a perfect strangers house and sleeping with someone’s wife or allowing another man to sleep with your wife right in front of you was asking for trouble. I had assumed that if it hadn’t happened already sooner or later someone would end up dead.

Anyway, that is exactly what happened in the story of Joan Shannon. Joan Shannon was a housewife who was married to a military man named Dave Shannon who raised her four children in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She and her husband, outwardly, appeared normal. However, when Joan goes to…

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