A secret the KGB couldn’t have kept.

oh dear

cf Henry Makow, Chinweizu et al


On my last post the discussion turned to how likely the average man was to have learned about the mechanics of sexual attraction.  TFH argued that the time is approaching where this information will be so widely available that if one hasn’t started picking it up it is an indication of unwillingness to learn, not lack of exposure:

As bad as feminists and ordinary women are, by the end of 2015, we will reach the point where some men will have to be told that ‘you cannot entirely blame the burglar if leave the front door open with a neon arrow pointing to it, while you go out of town’.

I won’t try to predict the saturation of information by 2016, but right now very few men over the age of 25-30 have ever heard of either the manosphere or the concept of game.  Even so, exposure is the least…

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