Stone Bench

Gwiz. Check out this short “story”

Eden's Blog

She’s not beautiful. In fact, she’s ordinary. But there’s something in her that James found so enticing. Maybe perhaps its her laughter or maybe the way her eyes twinkle whenever she sees him. Whatever that is, she’s breathtaking for him. James didn’t really expect to be enamored by her. Heck, he didn’t even expect to meet her. Maybe it is fate conspiring but no matter what it is, they had stumbled into each other’s path.

The first time James was introduced to her, she was sitting all alone in the stone bench. She was staring silently around her. She barely even acknowledged him when he said hello. She just glanced at him and looked away. James felt a sudden deep attraction to this tiny blonde haired girl. She looks so young for her twenty-one years of age. He suddenly felt old for his twenty nine years of age. He sat…

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