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Monday Mayhem

Managed to reach both the Patents Courts and the Higher Court (Royal Courts of Justice) today. En route to the RCJ, by chance, I also discovered the Central Family Court near Chancery Lane. Either way, both sides of the vicinity were eventful with a bus disaster occuriing along Kingsway, whilst a miniature assembly was gathered outside the RCJ.

It saddens me that for all the information available to people, there are still claims that knowledge is scarce. This week, for instance, sees the launch of Battersea’s enterprise week, which will be a week to celebrate and promote the entrepreneurial spirits, building up to and concluding with a day of talks that will feature Tim Campbell. In the same week, we have a Dragon’s Den panellist offering up the opportunity to have breakfast with him at Denton’s law firm.


New Directions



From this day forward, we will make this blog much less “personal” and try and use it to give coverage to local news and events, especially those concerning people, particularly those in the Brent area.