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The Accuracy of Me


Y. Correa

Look at me.

Y CorreaWhat do you see?

Different people might have different conjectures as to “what I look like” and frankly, I’m sick of it.

When did being black become a bad thing?

Of course, intellectually speaking, I already know the answer to that question and it goes back eons.

But ethnically speaking, particularly within the Hispanic community, being black still seems to be a taboo thing.

If I were to approach any black person from a Spanish speaking country and asked them if they were black, 9 time out of 10 the answer will be, “No, I’m not black, I’m Latino.

shake head noWell, guess what, you’re wrong.

I’ve come to encounter, on numerous accounts throughout my life, where people ask me the wrong question and then are surprised when I give an accurate answer.

But, in order to break this down a bit more, I suppose it’s important…

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