LostAshanti Parables: The Plantation

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There was once a Plantation; on this Plantation existed enslavers and enslaved.

The enslavers created the plantation. They drew its borders, wrote its laws, enforced its rules and defined its social order.

The enslaved knew only the plantation. It is where there were born and raised. It is where they lived, where they ate, slept, loved, worked….. and slaved.

This plantation had an over seer, known to be vicious in his punishment of the enslaved. Punishment inflicted for the most minor infraction to the most major, or maybe nothing at all. Whatever the offense, what was certain is that the over seer could and would do as he pleased in pursuit of maintaining order on the plantation, ensuring that all went exactly according to the master’s will.

One day, the over seer, feeling in the mood for sport, mounted his horse and began to roam the plantation. He rode towards…

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