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Imagine that

BlackGaySlay showcases, celebrates, and pays respect to Black Gay Men whose work elevates the LGBT community and Black Gay Men specifically.  For more than 30 years Dennis Carney has been on the physical and a metaphorical Front Line doing this work.

Born in Manchester in 1962, Dennis has been a Londoner since 1982 with most of those years spent in Brixton. As many BlackOut readers know, the ‘Front Line’ is the name given by the local community to Railton Road; the line behind which the community sought refuge against the racist ‘sus’ laws used by some cops to brutalise the neighbourhood in the 80s that erupted in the Brixton uprisings. Dennis, reflecting on the changes he’s seen in Brixton joked;

I’ve never seen so much blonde hair or pedigree dogs in all my days in Brixton; and on the Front Line! You know things have changed when drunk White women in…

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