… the invalidating and destructive pattern of paternal censorship and veiled contempt
in context, it is a surreptitious system of sabotage and subjugation; of deception and domination; found on the violence of injustice, in maintaining boundaries, it colonises space and erects exclusive barriers to access, provision, engagement and participation, as expressed through the refusal, reluctance and failure of oppressing individuals to offer relief, and remedy issues, for the sake of correcting imbalance and restoring harmony.

One week ago this blog was started in response to mistreatment/dishonour. Everyday, people are invalidated because they do not make the grade/mark which might protect them from the violence of domination. Of course, there is little that individuals can do to counter this system of degradation as the people that manage, supervise and operate it are quite content to leave it as it is, in spite of the exploitation which results from it.

In every area of life, individuals who are non-white are violated and insulted, solely on the basis of their non-allegiance to whiteness (domination.) Of course, these crimes are not categorised as the people in charge have no expressed desire to correct the flaws inherent in this pathology. Nevertheless, these people with a commitment to injustice pretend to be horrified by death, destruction, degradation and decay. This is not consistent, as the mark of sincerity must be continuity.

This wordpress site is dedicated to documenting the experience of injustice.

It is an attempt to contextualise the lives of individuals who are not given platforms.


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